Netpeak Group

A group of IT companies that unites 24 businesses, 3 non-profit corporations, and over 1400 professionals worldwide

Netpeak Group's companies

Netpeak is a company from Netpeak Group

A digital marketing agency. Facebook, Google, and Bing premium partner. Netpeak clients include Vodafone, OLX, and Depositphotos.

Serpstat is a company from Netpeak Group

SEO tools, that conduct site analysis, competitor checks, audits, and site optimization. It is used by Uber, Shopify, and Samsung.

AcademyOcean is a company from Netpeak Group

A cloud-based LMS system. It is rated the #1 product on ProductHunt and used by Loxone, Reciprocity, Lemlist, Hyperlex, Datananas, PoliteMail, SmartKeyword.

RadASO is a company from Netpeak Group

A leader in mobile app marketing. Its clients include OLX, and Reface.

Ringostat is a company from Netpeak Group

AI-powered business phone & marketing performance platform. 2000+ clients from 33 countries. It is the only service of its kind in Eastern Europe to be an official Google Analytics technology partner.

Netpeak Software is a company from Netpeak Group

Desktop SEO tools: Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker. It is used by Thomson Reuters and Shopify.

Tonti Laguna is a company from Netpeak Group

A digital media company that creates and promotes websites. 25+ million unique users visit Tonti Laguna websites every month.

Tonti Laguna is a company from Netpeak Group

Over 20 released apps for iOS and Android: utilities, lifestyle, health, fitness, etc.

Saldo Apps is a company from Netpeak Group

Develops simple mobile all-in-one software solutions for SMEs' sales and accounting automation. 20,000 users in the USA and SEA.

Inweb is a company from Netpeak Group

An integrated digital marketing agency, Google premium partner. 

PDFLiner is a company from Netpeak Group

The most user-friendly all-in-one PDF tool to fill out, sign & share documents online.

MyCity is a company from Netpeak Group

A crowdfunding platform for implementing social projects

Gladpet is a company from Netpeak Group

GladPet is an online resource for adoption and assistance to homeless animals. For 8 years of work, 9 670 animals posted on the GladPet website have found their homes.

Choice31 is a company from Netpeak Group

An online university of digital knowledge.

Netpeak Group's office in Kharkiv

Why do we work

Netpeak Group is also an operations platform and cultural environment that contributes to the development of existing businesses and promotes the founding of new IT companies. All of the organizations within Netpeak Group are united by a mission to help companies grow and move “from the third world into the first”.
We borrowed this quote from the title of the book by Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, and gave our own meaning.
What exactly? Read below.

Mission of Netpeak Group

Netpeak Group's mission has several levels and ideas are listed from simple to complex — from the first level to the fifth.

Netpeak Group's Mission
  • I. Making our clients' businesses profitable

    We want to develop the economies of the countries where we are living, that is why we work to make our clients' businesses successful.

  • II. Helping small and medium-sized companies grow

    Since 2006, we've been helping companies, brands, and products that invest in digital marketing to grow and lead the way. 

  • ІІІ. Inspiring people around us

    We work to inspire people around us to want fighting incompetence, platitude, bad taste, irresponsibility, and ignorance. 

  • IV. Upgrading the mindset

    Upgrading the mindset of Ukrainians is our fourth goal. We also want to motivate others to act and achieve results.

  • V. III → I

    Netpeak Group is built from scratch in Ukraine, so everything we do is to achieve this final step within one generation – to get from the third world to the first without changing our geographical location.

Values we are guided by

We like the number «‎4»‎, so you will never guess how many values this block contains.



The questions always force us to look for answers. This leads next to ideas, and good ideas and their implementation mean further development.



We admire people who are open to new ideas. They say «Let's think about how we can do it» instead of «Oh, it’s impossible».



We follow four self-driven rules: self-organization, independence, self-learning, and self-motivation.



The result of our work is in charge. Everything we do should improve our results.

Business conferences by Netpeak Group

Business conferences organized by Octopus events from Netpeak Group are known in Ukraine and Bulgaria: 8P Conference, SaaS nation, and Online Advertising Conference. Here are the photos from the last Online Advertising Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Despite the Russian invasion, Ukrainians continue to work providing quality software to customers worldwide.

Stop paying for Russian services subscription – stand with Ukraine and use Ukrainian software instead.

Media about us

  • TechNewsWorld

    How IT leaders in Ukraine continue to innovate despite the war

    “I can say with confidence that the IT industry in Ukraine has fully adapted to the current realities and now we are not afraid of any problems. We have become much stronger and I predict a big breakthrough of Ukrainian technological products in the world market in the coming years.”

  • TechNewsWorld

    Ukrainian IT Firm Counterattacks Russian War Lies

    One of the largest IT companies in Ukraine has been waging its own informational defense against Russian propaganda since the start of the incursion.

  • EINPressWire

    It’s time for a new learning revolution: Ukrainian Smart LMS enters the UK market

     AcademyOcean, a Ukraine-based Learning Management System, which has created a unique technology for personalizing learning, has announced its entry into the UK market.

  • MediaVillage

    Ukraine's Digital Entrepreneurs Go to War

    If Marshall were here to witness Ukraine's battle against Russian invaders in 2022, he might well add its approach to cyber war to his list.

  • Opera News

    Ukraine-based Serpstat Perseveres Amid the War

    Serpstat is a Ukraine-based search engine optimization platform. Founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool, our company has grown to roughly 100 employees throughout Ukraine, serving 400,000 customers worldwide.

People who make Netpeak Group

Artem Borodatyuk — a founder of Netpeak Group

Artem Borodatyuk

Founder & CEO at Netpeak Group

Andrew Chumachenko — a partner & CMO at Netpeak Group

Andrew Chumachenko

Partner & CMO at Netpeak

Igor Muterko — a founder & CEO at Inweb

Igor Muterko

Founder & CEO at Inweb

Oleg Salamaha — a partner & founder at Serpstat

Oleg Salamaha

Partner & Founder at Serpstat

Ekaterina Kabakova — a partner & CEO at Serpstat

Ekaterina Kabakova

Partner & CEO at Serpstat

Oleksandr Maksymeniuk — a founder & CVO at Ringostat

Oleksandr Maksymeniuk

Founder & CVO at Ringostat

Alex Wise — a founder & CEO at Netpeak Software

Alex Wise

Founder & CEO at Netpeak Software

Alex Borshch — a founder & CEO at Tonti Laguna

Alex Borshch

Founder & CEO at Tonti Laguna

Olga Pachesnaya — a partner & COO at Netpeak Group

Olga Pachesnaya

Partner & COO at Netpeak Group

Nadya Vildiaieva — a partner & CFO at Netpeak Group

Nadya Vildiaieva

Partner & CEO at Netpeak Core

Vladimir Polo — a founder & CEO at AcademyOcean

Vladimir Polo

Founder & CEO at AcademyOcean

Mykhailo Karboinov — a partner & CPO at Netpeak

Mykhailo Karboinov

Partner & CPO at Netpeak

Mykhailo Karboinov — a partner & CPO at Netpeak

Aleksey Mamontov

Partner & CEO at Inweb

Kostiantyn Cherviakov — a founder & CFO at Ringostat

Kostiantyn Cherviakov

CCO at Ringostat

Gennadiy Vorobyov — a partner & CEO at Netpeak Bulgaria

Gennadiy Vorobyov

Partner & CEO at Netpeak Bulgaria

Bauyrzhan Toktagazy — a partner & CEO at Netpeak Kazakhstan

Bauyrzhan Toktagazy

Partner & CEO at Netpeak Kazakhstan

Vadim Budnikov — Lead SE at Netpeak Software

Vadim Budnikov

Lead SE at Netpeak Software

Serge Zhuruk — Head of Product at AcademyOcean

Serge Zhuruk

Head of Product at AcademyOcean

Viktor Murzak — CTO at AcademyOcean

Viktor Murzak

CTO at AcademyOcean

Oleksanr Ruban — CEO at Ringostat

Oleksandr Ruban

CEO at Ringostat

Dmytro Lola — CEO at Tonti Laguna Mobile

Dmytro Lola

CEO at Tonti Laguna Mobile

Radomir Novkovich — a founder RadASO & Saldo Apps

Radomir Novkovich

Founder at RadASO & Saldo Apps

Evgeniya Glizer — CEO at Choice31

Evgeniya Glizer

Co-founder & CEO at Choice31


Serhii Sauta

CSO at Netpeak Group