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Memegen is a Place Where Your Employees Connect, Laugh, and Build Positive Company Culture Together


Create Connections Through Laughter, Not Through Forced Team-Building Activities

Elevate your corporate culture with Memegen, the ultimate platform for injecting humor into your workplace. By making it effortless for employees to create and share memes, we help turn everyday interactions into moments of joy. 
Memegen is a reliable platform for building a shared space of humor and positivity among your employees. No more disconnected teams — our tool makes it easy for employees to get involved and share hilarious memes, fostering camaraderie and boosting morale.

Discover Memegen's Key Features

Unlock a Range of Powerful Tools to Strengthen Your Team and Boost Workplace Culture


Smooth Employee Handling

Quickly add employees manually or seamlessly connect your ERP system via API for automatic updates to the employee list


Effortless Meme Creation

Our intuitive meme creation system is native and easy to understand, requiring no time to learn, so you can start creating hilarious memes in no time


Various Meme Formats

Explore a variety of meme types for your employees, from simple memes about colleagues to using popular templates or uploading custom images


Global Language Support

Employees worldwide will automatically see a filtered feed based on their language preferences, ensuring seamless communication


Ratings and Gamification

Active employees can compete to become the Meme Creator of the Month, earning various badges


Activity and Statistics

Gain insights into employee engagement, meme creation trends, and overall workplace morale

Meme Types

With Memegen, crafting a hilarious meme is as effortless as a few clicks. Simply select a character from your company's roster of employees, add witty text above and below, choose a background, and voila! Your meme is ready to share. 
These simple yet effective memes play a crucial role in capturing and amplifying the humorous moments and anecdotes that make your company unique. Feel free to add quirky elements like a mustache or other accessories to further accentuate the comedic essence of the situation.

Dialogue memes emulate team messenger conversations, capturing the essence of online team interactions. Select multiple characters from your company's roster of employees and craft a witty conversation by writing text for each participant.
Whether it's a funny exchange between colleagues, a reenactment of a memorable team meeting, or a humorous take on a project discussion, dialogue memes provide a playful way to depict workplace interactions. Dialogue memes are perfect for illustrating the collaborative spirit and shared experiences that define your company's culture.

Simply upload any picture you want and send it off to spread some joy. Enhance the humor by adding text to underline the comedic aspects of the image. For added convenience, Memegen offers a variety of typical meme templates. Choose from well-known templates with pre-set layouts and easily fill in your own text.
Highlight funny moments, celebrate team achievements, or just brighten your colleagues' day with a clever caption. With image memes, the possibilities are endless, making it easy to inject laughter and positivity into your workplace.

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Configuration Planning

We will contact you to discuss the implementation process, including integrating with your ERP system, updating procedures, domain preferences (new or existing), login nuances, and more



We will connect the service with your ERP, ensuring everything functions correctly. Additionally, we will prepare technical requirements for the development team if necessary. At this stage, we'll also thoroughly check if all update, login, creation and other functions work correctly



We will provide a comprehensive manual for your administrators detailing all main features and functionality of Memegen's admin features. Additionally, we will schedule a call to demonstrate these aspects and answer all possible questions



Now, all you have to do is watch as your colleagues create memes and observe the dynamics unfold. At this point, you can also integrate this internal service as a unique benefit in all your recruitment funnels

Some Examples

Discover the Advantages of Being a Memegen User

We Help Businesses Strengthen Team Morale, Cultivate Corporate Culture, and Enhance Engagement

As someone who has started several companies, I know the importance of a strong corporate culture. Memegen has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about boosting morale; it's about bringing our team closer together.
I love hopping onto Memegen whenever I have a spare minute. It's a blast seeing what my employees are up to, and sharing a laugh with them over the hilarious memes they've created. Memegen has become an integral part of our company culture, and I believe it is a must-have for any organization with more than three employees.

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    Artem Borodatyuk

    Founder & CEO at Netpeak Group

My focus is on efficiency and effectiveness. At some point, I realized that Memegen is incredibly valuable for providing insights into our team dynamics. What I love most is the statistics it offers. For example, these metrics allow us to identify when an employee may be approaching burnout and take proactive steps to address it, potentially saving valuable team members within our organization.

Ensuring employee well-being is crucial for any business, ours included. Memegen has proven to be incredibly helpful in facilitating various aspects of team building, morale boosting, and spreading company values, contributing to the overall well-being and success of our business.

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    Olga Pachesnaya

    Partner & COO at Netpeak Group

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